Video explosion deluxe unlock code - Nova Development Video Explosion Deluxe for PC

To work with MPEG-2 files, you must do a separate, one-time online registration. Video Explosion will automatically prompt you to register the first time you add or create an MPEG-2 file in Video Explosion. They will send you the unlock keys. Since the company no longer supports it, I guess nothing can be done. I got my keys awhile back and enjoyed doing videos for events. I am running Vista now which cannot take Video Explosion Deluxe so I'm screwed as well.

I can give you my code. The problem is that it is on my external hard drive that I accidently started to format. I am looking for good reliable software to restore my data. Do you know any software that works? I've downloaded several and they won't even recognize the drive. At least windows recognizes the drive.

Thank you for contacting customer service. The MPEG-2 Plugin for Memories on TV allows you to burn discs in SVCD format on a CD-ROM. This is a superior quality to the standard VCD option which is included in your software. The MPEG-2 will also let you burn in MPEG status, which permits you to burn your files to a DVD-ROM. Not all players support the video formats so please be sure to check your reference material to see what your player can support.

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