Kx 80 thick oil out the exhaust and white/blue smoke?

Stalls a lot if you come to a stop or slow down.smoke and thick oil out of exhaust,

Hi, change the oil and your problem will be solved. Basically it was over full because fuel has by-passed the carby needle and leaked into the sump while its been sitting idle. Regards Phil.

Depending on if you laid the engine over on its' side, there could have been oil in the muffler. It may take some time to "burn" this off. It will also come from the muffler. Given enough time the oil will get hot and smoke off of the muffler. Then it will no longer smoke.

I hope this answers your question.

smell the oil if it smells like gas change the needle and seat inn the carb and change the oil the valve in the carb doesn't seat and the gas drains into the oil

Could be bad piston rings but first check your oil in the engine and if its too full this could cause burning oil. Check your air filter and if its clogged replace it as this will do it also.

From the sounds of it, you've at least lost the rings in your engine. I'm not sure of the circumstances, but it almost sounds as if it had too much oil in it. These small engines lubricate themselves by throwing oil all over the inside of the engine, and if too much oil is in there, it won't throw it. They will also burn oil off if it gets into the cylinder from the level being too high. This would give you your bouts of blue smoke. The grinding noise that you describe may or may not be an issue, but here's something you need to try. First, make sure that the oil level is exactly as it's supposed to be. Then, remove the spark plug and see if you can get it to turn over. If the cylinder's full of oil, it won't compress, and it won't let it turn over with the spark plug in. Next, get a can of starting fluid, and spray it in the spark plug hole. Crank the engine over with no spark plug in it. Repeat the starting fluid, cranking cycle until you don't see any more oil coming out. Leave the spark plug out, and let it sit for a couple of days to evaporate. Clean out the plug or replace the plug in the meantime, and then reinstall and attempt to start. It'll probably smoke like crazy for the first 15 minutes, and then be fine after that. This is the number 3 problem I've found when repairing small engines; with #1 being flooded, and #2 being having water in the fuel. Leave a comment if you find that it won't move even if you remove the spark plug, and I can discuss more with you then about your options.

This engine has a badly designed combustion head that causes premature failure of the head gasket. The removal of the overhead cam and head is relatively easy with the engine mounted on the mower. Just remove the hood before you begin. I had the same problem, same symptoms (white oil smoke, mostly when turning or on an inclide-=left side downhill) after the second season of mowing. Made me mad when I got it apart and saw the incredibly stupid head design. Replaced the head gasket and am into my second season with the new head gasket with no more problems but I expect it to blow again at some point. Poor engine design. Easily fixed.

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