Panasonic 55" PT-53TW53G


I recently had a problem with my TV just like everyone else who ownes one of these I got the swoosh across the screan then TV would not power up just 3 blinks. I ordered the Sanyo Ic's replaced both of them and made sure to use dialetrical grease berore reinstalling and now the TV turned on for a second and turned off now I have one blink on the power light? I unpluged and pluged back in this time I got sound but no picture. could this be a resistor I didnt even think of rececking for resistors?

Thats a strong possibility that the converegence feed resistors could be open. Also double check the wire connections especially the white bridge connectors that are from one board to the other. Also recheck the IC pins for any sign of bridged pins or inadequate solder.

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