How do i hard reset my samsung galaxy player 3.6

Won't fully turn on.

My samsung galaxy player wont turn on how can i make it turn on with then a day

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MY system was hooked up for 10 days when the pool turned green just in a weekend. LED display would turn on (88) and then right back off, no tech help over the weekend. Really none after the weekend either they just said they will replace it. Then I had to find out after several calls fill out a claim and fax it wait for it to be approved. Now every time I call in I get a different answer about the replacement. 3 to 10 days, out of stock 2 weeks now today I am told sometime in september! This is Texas I want my pool! Pool dream turned nightmare!


Our netgear wgr614v7 54 mbps wireless router has gone bad acording to our net work service.They tested there modem,that had astrong here is whats happnen,there is no signal frm modem to wireless router,ok looking at the router wth power on wireless icon not lit up,internet icon barely blinking green,lan 1 full green,test icon not lit,an pwr icon full green,an green lights on tower.pull up strength bars up open link an theres a red X between computor picture an world pict.