Cannot open web page

Hi using 2wire on my main pc, and a usb wlan adapter on my lap top, on my lap top says wireless connection at48.0mpbsand connection to the 2 wire, i can open web pages on my main pc but not my lap top can you help me please

If you can check you have DHCP and NAT enabled on you router and your laptop is configured for DHCP .Also try the following:

1.On command prompt type ipconfig /all

2.Check the IP address assign to your laptop do the same on your Pc and compare the IP.

3. If the IP is the same check your firewall setting. Assuming the IP is the same ping the Gateway IP .If this is successful the disable the firewall,The best way to try this is to disable the firewall temporary.

4.Remember to reenable the Firewall

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