Ignitor works, lights the gas, then when the ignitor goes off, so does the flame.

Have had the gas pressure checked as is ok, gas tanks at 80%, had ignitor pack changed. this is a intermittent problem. the dryer can operate for days then the problem starts again. That is the ignitor works, lights the burners, then when the ignitor goes off, so does the gas.

Hi Stanley,
the problem with the dryer flame going out is caused by defective coils on the gas valve and the gas valve coils should be replaced

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I have a HP Pavilliona630n and I would like to hook up speakers to this computer. My monitor is a HPS2031 and it does not have speaker inputs or outputs. What type of speakers and cables do I need to buy and where do I connect the speakers? I am wanting to hook up a SKYPE camera so I can communicate with my children in Florida and I am aware that I will need speakers. Any advice you have is welcome. My daughter is sending me a monitor camera. Thank you for your asssistance.


Hotpoint Aquarius TCM570 - This unit is just over 12mths old!!! The heat function has ceased to work, it still spins etc but there is no heat. I've read on a previous posting relating to the same tumble dryer that the dryer is protected with a thermal cut out and I think I've located the thermal fuse and the auto reset. The expert advises to use a multimeter to check that the thermal cut out has gone open circuit. I've bought a multimeter and there seems to be power going to them but to be honest I don't really know what I'm doing, I would be really grateful if someone could provide some step by step instructions that befit someone of my extremely limited capabilities