Wiring up a sub and amp

I'm wiring up a sub and amp to my car's stock stereo and the manual tells me to connect the remote connection wire to the acc position on the key. how do i do this?

The acc means a power on connection when you turn on the key..On your amp you'll see a blue wire or a connection that says remote..Then find a connection on the car that when the key is turn on or when the radio turns on it turns your amp on for you threw that wire..Hope this helps you...

Hello, this is my first post, and I don't speak good english, but I can help, if you give me the brand and the model of your car I can tell exactly wich wire and wich color is for the remote, so you can avoide damage something, the thing is, in your stereo, you have a red wire, yellow, blue and black, maybe a orange and anothers, the red is the remote, this let you turns on your stereo only when you have your car in acc position or on, the yellow wire goes to voltage always, battery directly is good option, but it's a recomendation use a fuse if your stereo does not have it,this wire let you keep your config (like radio memories, and audio preset),  the blue it's the remote, this goes to the amplifier on remote terminal, this wire has voltage when you turns on your stereo, so when you turns on your stereo, this wire turns on your amplifier, but you have to wire a wide wire from battery across a fuse to the 12 volts terminal on amplifier, and it's from there when came all the power to your amplifier, and the remote wire, it's just a signal to turn on the system. Hope help

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