Hdmi cable no sound

I plugged in the hdmi cable from tv to dvr & now i have no sound

try going into the menu options try the auto tune for HD channels. (If available use the AFC node). There should be something like level 1-2 etc... which is like a factory reset program.This works for some CRT monitors not really certain but may also be common in LCD as well as Mercury assisted lighting in the HD monitors. Hope this helps Good luck I imagine the repairs can be costly

HDMI cable going from my time warner HD box to my new 50" panasonic viera (TH-50PZ800U) no sound, amazing video. the HDMI is a belkin btw if it's even needed to be known.

We have cable from ETEX and yesterday out of the blue my sound went completely off! I don't know what caused it and it is not muted. How do I get sound back?

I sugest you to change the video resolution settings on the PS-3 to see if TV sets to any one resolution...if you have any other video out (analog from PS3)...connect the out to TV and check video at different resolutions. If PS3 has Deep Color settings turn it OFF.

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