Sharp EL531WH Calculator

Most Calculators have an INV key or SHIFT key this one does not,how do I use the INV function on this model?

I had the same problem... all you have to do is reset the calculator:

It'll give you a choice Mem (0) or Reset (1)... press 1
Then it'll say Reset? (0)... press 0

And your calculator should be as good as new!

Hi i have a peoblem with my calculator where it just stays with the numbers 0.000000000 And i dont know how to get ridd of it if anyone could please help with my Question ..... and maybe with a solution would really help because i have a massive exam tomorrow involving this calculator and i REALLY, REALLY NEED HELP thanks


There is a p at the side of the numbers how do you get rid of it

We are accustomed to see that the inverse of "x" to be designated as a "1/x". If using Sharp EL 531WH the inverse function you will get when you press the yellow key "2ndF" and thereafter the "X^2" key. Good luck.

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