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How do I get to work through yahoo messenger

Once your webcam software is loaded and working, in most cases the software loaded will provide some kind of display function allowing you to know that the software is working, then load up YM and under the Messenger tab, you will find ' MY WEBCAM '. Select ' My webcam ' and you should start seeing your display while using YM, that is the same display that others will see to whom you give allowance to see your webcam. I.E. you have to personally give each person permission to see your webcam. Until you know more about YM from personally using it and experiencing it, that is all I should say, but I will add one more tidbit. YM 9.0 beta is what I use and I'm quite happy with it as I have better control of the stealth function with it did I had with YM 8.0. Consider that when installing YM

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Hello - Our tv is 4 years old (Samsung TXS3082WHX/XAA 30 inch). A few weeks ago the screen started flashing a blurry blue after turning on, and even after the picture appeared it would still flash for a few moments. It would also happen sporadically during viewing but go away quickly. These past few days it has gotten worse, especially when turning on. It's gotten to the point that I have to scroll through the settings (Air 3, AV 1, etc.) and back to HDMI 2 for it to reset to normal but it's not a permanent fix. It will start to flash again and it lasts a bit longer each time. The flashing gets longer and blurrier each time. Now it's even flashing when I have it on AV1, the dvd player setting. I don't know if it's the picture tube or something else. I am hoping that someone can offer some tips on a permanent fix, as we are not in a position right now to replace the tv. I did see someone mention a similar problem and he plugged his tv directly into a wall socket as opposed to a surge protector, so I will try that. Please help, and thanks in advance! -Joanna