How do I work the web cam

Just bought a laptop and trying get the web cam on

If your laptop is Lenovo then you can visit the IBM's download site to get the drivers. Similarly other brands too have theire corresponding download and documentation sites from where you can download the corresponding drivers. There you should be able to find the appropriate driver for your webcam depending on the operating system you use.

You can also get the driver from your driver CD /DVD that came with your laptop. Once you install that driver and restart your laptop you will be able to detect your webcam. You can use the applications like "ManyCam" (from alongwith yahoo messanger or so, so that you can use the webcam.

By the way, what is the make and model of the laptop?

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Error 99 I have a Canon 10D that worked fine for a little over a year, than I started getting Error 99's. You click the shutter button and nothing happens except an odd sounding click, and the "error 99" blinking in the LCD. At this point the camara is usless until you turn it off and than back on. This became more and more frequent until now I just can't depend on my camara any more. The problem, with my camara seems to have nothing to do with lens contacts or the memory card. I have search several message boards, and it seems that this this Error 99 thing is not that uncommon with Canon DSLR's. I am wondering if there is a similar problem with Nikon, or any of the other DSLR's. I am trying to decide whether to pay to get this thing fixed, or just buy another camara or both. I have heard that getting an error 99 problem fixed can be quite expensive. If I opt to buy a new camera should I switch brands? Any openions on this? Thanks: