Lens. ED 55-200mm

Have had camera for approximately one yr. zoom lens has stopped functioning, will not focus, set on "A" automatic, do you ahve a fix or do I need to take in for repair ?

I have this same lens and it focuses at all focal lengths and with all settings except :"manual." Be sure that the setting switch on the lens itself is not set to "M" (manual).

The camera relies on detecting differences in contrast to perform the auto focus function. If there are only subtle differences in contrast (like those found in poorly lit subjects), the lens will "hunt" and fail to focus as expected.

The camera has a small lamp used to help the focus system by shining on the subject. Make sure it is enabled or otherwise not blocked or non-fuctioning. You could add more light, or switch to manual focus. Disable the the auto focus system either in the camera menu - or on the lens barrel itself - if equipped. . The former will let you switch back and forth the fastest - but if your lens lacks such a switch, you'll have to do it in the camera menu instead.

You can download your manual here to review it.

I hope this helps!

Work the lens by hand to see if it moves manually freely. visually check the electrical contact for dirt or discoloration. Clean contacts with eraser on lens and camera. If its circuit overheating on the camera, you need professional help.

the nikkor 18-55 lence is no longer u can chage the ed lence into vr lence is upcomming with nikon d3000 mout the coast of the lens is 200$

No. The VR lens has 15 elements in 11 groups, the other has 13 elements in 9 groups. This indicates that the two lenses have different optical designs. The main difference, however, is that the VR indicates "vibration reduction." This lens has motion sensors and tiny motors that move the lens elements to compensate for camera motion, producing clearer pictures when hand-holding the camera.

Make sure your AF-switch on your camera and your lens are both turned on.

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