Where is the tank level fuse located on a 2006 Bounder class a diesel 38n

Water, lpg and mIn battery lights will not light when tested, but aux battery lights up fine on same panel. Could a fuse have blown?

turn key on,and start by testing each fuse with a test light to see if you have power on both sides of the fuse,
if you find no bad fuses,locate your blower motor under the dash and behind the glove box,find the two wires going to it and check with your test light for power,if you have power there replace motor,if you don't follow the motor wire where they plug into a resistor"about 12 inches away",and replace the resistor.

there are 2 relays inbetween the 2 fans behind the front grill the wiring to the relays tend to corrode.

what you need to do is replace both relays and the wiring conectors

You will have to recheck that all the wires were reinstaled.The noise is the fuel pump.The lpg system has its own fuses so you will have to check them also.The only thing you touched was the battery so the problem is there somewhere..Earth wire is also important just double check all the things you undid.Let me know how you go

adjust the transmission back up lamp switch

I beleive the diagram is on the inside of the plastic fuse cover, mine is.

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