2006 Keystone Montana 3500RL 5th wheel: when plugged into running F250, slides don't work- not enough amps? With converter plugged directly into shore power, slides work. Do I need a new 12V battery?

When plugged directly to shore power with 30A or 50A source, no problem. Why can't the rig draw from the F250? too much of an AMP draw?

Ford has substantially altered their 1978-86 electronic ignition test
procedure. Due to the sensitive nature of the system and the complexity
of the test procedures, it is recommended that you refer to your dealer
if you suspect a problem in your 1978-86 electronic ignition system.
The system can, of course, be tested by substituting known good
components (module, stator, etc.)

This system, which at first appears to be extremely complicated,
is actually quite simple to diagnose and repair. Diagnosis does,
however, require the use of a voltmeter and an ohmmeter. You will also
need several jumper wires with both blade ends and alligator clips.

symptoms of a defective component within the solid state system are
exactly the same as those you would encounter in a conventional system.
Some of these symptoms are:
- Hard or no starting
- Rough idle
- Poor fuel economy
- Engine misses while under load or while accelerating

If you suspect a problem in your ignition system, first
perform a spark intensity test to pinpoint the problem. Using insulated
pliers, hold the end of one of the spark plug leads about
inch; (12.7mm) away from the engine block or other good
ground, and crank the engine. If you have a nice, fat spark, then your
problem is not in the ignition system. If you have no spark or a very
weak spark, then proceed to the following tests.

Tell if you are talking about this ignition system...


Hope this help.

Touching on what David said, check for the battery disconnect. It should be a red lever located in the front compartments, possibly near the batteries. The plug used for the connection to your truck will only provide power to the parking and brake lights and to the electric brakes on your axles. There will not be any power to your unit. Something else to consider, with the age of your 5th wheel is the life of the batteries. My 2006 KZ needed the first set of batteries replaced in 2013. Use a multimeter to check your voltages or consider taking them to a local Auto parts store to have checked to see if they need recharged or replaced.

Not sure if they are same on 2006 but there should be a couple of small rounded metal contacts, or similar, on door that meet with door post to complete the connection. When you find them, clean them off with a little fine steel wool or SOS pad, minus the soap, and see if that doesn't cure it.


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