I have 86 fleetwood tioga trying to get onan emerald 1genset to start the button inside coach lights up push start button nothing go to gen push button nothing please help im pretty ok with stuff

But im stumoed on th I s

Get a test light and do some tests for power and ground. some of these gens have a start switch on the gen. doing the remote start feature test will take two people to do, one to play with the switch and you outside at the gen probing. this is a good test light cheap I recommend.

you also might want to pull the remote and inspect the wires

6 12V Circuit Tester with 5 ft Lead

If the vehicle has not been run in 4 years, the battery is dead. Most newer cars with computers, power door locks, security systems and all kinds of electrically operated functions use battery power when they a just sitting. If the battery was exposed to below freezing temperatures when it was not charged, it may need to be replaced.

First before we start buying any parts. Have someone tap the top of the starter solenoid on the pass side engine wall. Do this while you're turning the key.If it starts thats one problem out of the way. As far as the regulator and its condition the coach could have been asembled in several possible states and or countries. I've never seen two alike unless they were lined up at a dealership...lol. Just grab one of those 10 dollar meters and check the voltage at each battery while its running, while it's not running and while you are switched to dual mode.All may be well.or not. But you'll save a lot of time with that little meter.There is no practicle way(being a sealed unit) to actually check the regulator.Keep it simple and take your time. Good Luck. P.S. The alternator also has an internal regulator so run checks with the lights and fans on to make sure your getting sufficient voltage all the time. Thanks, Dana.

I have an account in the Buffalo NY area .. they can help you with this .. call 716-668-2666 after 9:00am EST tomorrow (sat)

Make sure at least 1/4 tank of gas or gen will not start

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