Where and how to mount the furrion vision 2 backup camera on my Forest river cardinal estate 3825fl 2016

I agree with David, too center of the back is the best place for maximum visibility and splicing the power from the markers is ideal to keep from having to run additional wires. If space allows, mount the camera a couple inches below the center marker to avoid blocking the light. Some states will fail inspections if the light is not visible or not lit up. To prevent moisture leaks into the light, cut a small channel just big enough for the wiring to come out of the light if you have it on the exterior. Your best option would be to cut a small hole and run the wiring internally but make sure you seal everything up well with silicone caulking.

Yes. Then it vanished suddenly. Might be vaporized due to heat of the Sun. Gopakumar Gopalan Google

You'll probably just have to lift up an inconspicuous corner of the carpet and look. Most of the time it is just pressed wood.

it will be found in the vehicle fuse box under the dash

probably marked tail lights / park lights

Top back between or below marker lights steal power from middle light so you must have lights on to use camera

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