Have a problem with my brake buddy. when setting up to tow my toad, I press the test button and it should drop one light each time I press it for 5 times then it should turn green, this doesnt happen,this doesnt happen. what is wrong? also I have a problem with the Alert system. I plug it into power receptacle in motorhome , it flashes red once. I went through the test procedure , had someone press the test button on brakebuddy and the receiver does not light up. also pulled the break away but no light on receiver. what is the problem?

It sounds like you have more than one problem.

Recommend you contact your local RV Service department, or the service dealer who installed your Brake Buddy, or Brake Buddy directly: Contact Us BrakeBuddy Braking systems for motorhomes towing vehicle

A 5 blink error indicates a bad lamp driver. However a lamp may possibly cause this too. I suggest putting a new lamp in if you have one just to verify the lamp is not the problem. If it still fails with a new lamp then the lamp driver is the problem. This part should be replaced by a Sony authorized servicer. The lamp can be replaced easily by you. The lamp replacement instructions are in the TV's owners manual. Good Luck

Ur power board have dead capacitors,Know how to solders?Take the tv aparts check for capacitors puff up or burst open in the power board.Replaced those capacitors.Or tries Shopjimmy.com,Ebay.com buy a refurbih power board.

I think this sounds like my problem (need to replace the projector lamp). However, when I hit the "on" button, my SXRD 50" blinks green for about a minute then starts blinking red. Can you confirm the bulb solution? I was very pleased with this sight when my fan malfunctioned. I got the fan in a matter of day's from Sony and it fixed that problem.

One thing u can do also.
Open your system case, remove cmos battery clean cmos battery and then insert like same.
And restart your system.

Other wise check power connections voltage.
If it is ok then definitely it will wirk.

OK ... after a lot of trial and error, I got mine to work. I think it may be a really low charge or something. I had to press the power button until it was completely dark ... no flashing faint green or any colors. Then when I plugged it in, I got a solid red and left it for awhile. Then when I pressed the power button I got yellow, red and green ... the computer recognized it and then got a solid yellow.

Before when I had it plugged in, I'd get a lot of red random flashing ... and it just didn't seem to charge at all ... even after a full day.

I think the issue was that it was in this "flashing state (red when connected, very faint green when disconnected)" It wasn't easy to get it to turn off completely. Most of the presses of the power button didn't change the state at all. But if I got it just right, I could see the faint green light go off. That's when I plugged it in and got a solid red light, and eventually a good charge.

Hope this works for some others.

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