Does a 2018 Georgetown class A have a tv antenna booster separate from the one piece roof antenna booster button?

if you pick up a can of spray glue at you local hardware store, spray the underside of the roof liner and the roof, wait a couple minutes for the glue to cure and press them together starting from where its stuck natural and rub it into place.

let me know how you make out

Hello, Radio Shack would be the first place i'd try for a replacement. Mechanic

to preserve the car have this done by a professional radio fitter with experience. Some MD's already have a roof antenna concealed

yes you will need a conveter box the switch isnt until febuary 14 so until then you can keep the antena but it may be cheaper for you to just buy satellite if you are thinking about switching in future months when things start to convert to everything in hd but that could be months or years away


you haven't given the brand name and model numbe of TV here. yet I posts this solution assuming that it to be LCD tv. You says that the Tv works with converter and not works with digital box. Check the digital box for any malfunction. I can oly give you this much advice as your post does not tell exatly what the fault is. If you want anymore assistance from me, please be clear out the situation you faces now. OK.

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