Hobby 460 de luxe caravan electric has tripped and won’t come back on. Have tried RCD switch, unplugged everything and have taken cable out and back in outside - nothing

If the main oven is electric, disconnect the heater element and try, if no trip operqates. then replace element.

I had the same problem. found out that the RCD was faulty & needed replaced. now o.k.

You need to replace the oven element, as this is what is causing the prob.

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YES< this is a "direct ground and either the motor or compresso is grounded--(DEAD)!and needs to be replaced.

The first thing I would recommend u do is to remove the motor and check the carbons for wear, Their should be at least 3mm of carbon showing, any less then u shud replace.

The other possibility is a faulty heater element, u cud try it with the element disconnected, if it does not trip then the element is faulty.

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