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Start car pull battery cable off if dies replace atlernator

Release the parking brake by pressing on it with your foot and it will raise up.

first purchase the door handle assembly then remove the door panel. make sure the window is up and reach in and disconnect the rods making a note of which one goes to which one. unbolt the door handle and remove. the new door handle may come with a new rubber seal for it. position over new handle and reinstall. make sure to search the door panel for hidden screws holding it on before you pop the clips.. hope this helps

I don't know what testing you have done? This is part of your generator wiring diagram. Make sure battery has a full charge and battery connections are all good. Use a test lite or digital multimeter at bat terminal, engine off, should be battery voltage, if not maybe the fusible link or wiring circuit has a problem? Check the rvc fuse. Your charging system is computer controlled, any applicable trouble codes? I can't rule out problem with generator, it self?

Charging problem with 2007 Buick<br/>Lucerne - generator-4vggwzvgeff0le1rvn5lcgtc-5-0.jpg

Very simple.

First hook up Positive Red and Negative Black terminals to the battery in the known good car. Then hook the Red terminal on the opposite end of the jumper cables to the positive Red terminal of the battery in the known bad car. Then, carefully, without shorting out the connectors, connect the final black jumper cable to the 'frame' of the known bad car.

Hope this helps.

Remove trunk trim and covers , close trunk and wet car now look for leak source.

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