2004 kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Nomad fuse panel location

Where is the fuse panel on a 2004 Kawasaki Nomad @

Ok, locate and check the fuse at the starter solenoide, this is the main power fuse, follow the red battery lead until you locate the solenoide, here you should find under a cover a 30 amp fuse, hope this helps , paul

try cleaning your starter button. The starter button is a two position switch. First it turns off the headlight , then, it activates the starter solenoid. take apart the switch and try cleaning the contacts with alcohol. If the the button is broken you will have to replace the right switch assembly to fix a button issue. If the button checks out then open the headlight bucket and check the wire connections. A loose wire plug in or an internally broken wire could also be the culprit. Check the button first then go after the wiring.

I hope you have a jack... I had to remove the pipes and bags on my 04 vulcan nomad so I remove the cotter pin and pull the axle out of the rear hub. Then removed the spcer and rear brake. slide wheel assy. out of the drive hud on the left (removal of brake and spacer allow this) and drop the tire down. It's not hard...

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