2001 Indian Chief engine oil capacity

Whats the best oil to use in a 2001 Indian chief and how many quarts does it take when you an oil change @

You probably reversed the pos and neg wires on the coil. Or ya got a defective coil. Try the original and see what happens.

Hi, Mike ask 10 different riders and you will get 10 different answers. All oil is certified by the Oil Gods to perform under specific conditions for specific applications and any oil is better than no oil and if you're in a bind diesel oil works just fine. If your engine is air cooled never run automotive oil because normal motorcycle cylinder head temperatures run much hotter than water-cooled cylinder heads, make sure the oil is designed for motorcycles. Your owners manual recommends a specific type of oil that is designed to lubricate the engine parts to withstand the normal driving conditions the motorcycle was intended to be used for, end of story. Now for an analogy, your cars owners manual recommends using 87 octane fuel to power your engine for maximum performance and it does a wonderful job of achieving that goal. But you say 92 octane is better because it has a higher number and is more expensive, well guess what your car will not run any better and there are no long or short term benefits from running a higher octane fuel bottom line your car doesn't need it. Same thing with oil sure they make lubricants that can withstand the temperature of molten lava which you would need if you were planning to drive into an active volcano, don't waste your time and money on snake oil just use what your bike needs and your manufacturer recommends and nothing more. The oil weight grade is for ambient temperatures you expect to drive in between oil changes 20w50 covers 80% of all driving temperature conditions if your looking for a better oil that works in all temperature conditions, buy a Synthetic in the same grade from a reputable oil manufacturer I personally recommend AMSOIL just because they were the pioneers in synthetics and their load test numbers for wear put them in a class all by themselves and you can go longer and further in between oil changes. It's a little hard to find in stores but easily available online otherwise Mobil 1 is my second choice.

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Hi, Peter the answer to this question is way above my pay grade for this situation, I would call or visit my local dealer or reputable shop's service/parts department and inquire about any possible quick fix, answers, or parts inquiry.

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I am not sure, but, I believe 4 quarts. Try a classic car website, they should have a better answer for you. I do remember that Roadmaster had an oil starvation problem and they can help with that also.

Most oil suppliers have online application catalogues - choose your favourite brand and check the catalogue for the recommendation and quantity.

If in doubt each oil company has a technical guy who will be pleased to state which of their oils meets the specification listed in your bike handbook.

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