In the headlight shell of an'83 Suzuki gs1100e there are 4 or 5 connectors. what connections are made between each side of the 9 pin connector. I have 18 dangling wires. electricity is a mystery to me

Dell (Altec Lansing) A425 Subwoofer Pinouts

This is a standard female DB-9 serial port.
Here are the pinouts.

Pin 1 = Left Speaker Out +

Pin 2 = Left Speaker Out - (Common Ground)

Pin 3 = Left Line In +

Pin 4 = Right Line In +

Pin 5 = Left/Right line In - (Common Ground)

Pin 6 = Right Speaker Out +

Pin 7 = Right Speaker Out - (Common Ground)

Pin 8 = Power A

Pin 9 = Power B

Jumper (short) Power A to B to turn on.
If you want a volume control you need to put one on the inputs. You will buy buy a stereo volume control or potentiometer.
Here is some info on how to do this.


I figured it out:

Here goes: There are 4 wires inside the Aqua Vu cable that runs to the underwater part of the cam.

Red = Hot or 12 volt power from battery postive (red) terminal

Black = Ground - ground to battery negative terminal

White= Video input (or center of video coax)

Green= Infrared lighting control, if you ground the green wire against the black/ground, you will see

that it switches ON the infrared or "Christmas" lights. Simply put a switch on the green wire after you ground it, so you can switch your IR's on and off.

cut the wire at bulb install female wire connector



(There are different versions of the ba-200, so I'm assuming they al
use the same wiring/pinout...)

if you look at the amp on the enclosure(right-side up... so the writin
goes left->right):

The top left pin is #1, beside it is #2, then #3.
The bottom left pin is #4, beside it is #5, then #6.

#1 Right speaker positive input
#2 Empty
#3 12 Volt Constant Power
#4 Left speaker positive input
#5 Remote turn on / Acc power input
#6 Ground

Now there's supposed to be a 15-amp fuse on pin #3 (12v constan

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