Hi, I have a 1971 O.I.F T120R Triumph Bonneville.....it's sluggish when pulling away and the left plug is wet ?

The bike is very much in it's original state which was imported over from America and is in the style of a desert sled. The Electrical system is all original and was thinking of replacing things like, coils, HT leads, plugs are new but not sure when the point were changed.

Champion N3
Lodge HLN
All have 14mm thread diameter & 3/4" reach
Gap is 0.025" (0.64mm)

Ride safe


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The left plug problem indicates where the fault is

if you have duel carby , check for flooding in that carby

Check your kill switch, get a hair dryer and blow dry where the switch is, its simple but worth a try.

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Have you tried replacing the spark plug wires and checking the spark plugs? I suspect that you have fuel flooding that's why it backfires. Good current to the spark plugs will result to better fuel burning. Check the spark plugs if they have big gaps, covered with carbon or maybe it's just faulty.

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Did you use a Typanium Recitifier? There should be no problems unless it is a used one. All the new ones I havew used just "bolt on" .. there are 5 wires. Check to see if you don't have a grounded wire some where.. try it with the head light off.. I usually wire my bikes to start with no head light with a 3 way switch.. once running I can then turn the light on. Go through an check all your wires again, you might just have a bad connection somewhere.. here is an excellent site .. Jim http://www.raskcycle.com/techtip/webdoc16.html

Does your tacho work? could be the ignition power module. left hand side of engine bay.

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