Why does my 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse start while in neutral and kickstand down?

change the battery then change the neutral saftey switch if the battery does not help

Perhaps someone has disabled it. All engines should be started in neutral, because a sticky clutch will have in motion by surprise. The kickstand thing is a safety feature as well, so you don't get to the first corner and the kickstand throws you off.

The neutral witch is behind the clutch and as long as it is switched on the bike will not run unless you defeat the kickstand switch.

I really recommend properly repairing the neutral light switch because taking off with the kickstand down can put you down on the pavement way too easily.

You probably reversed the pos and neg wires on the coil. Or ya got a defective coil. Try the original and see what happens.

Sort of sounds like a Twilight Zone kind of problem doesn't it. I would have the battery checked for an internal dead short. This is something that happens on odd occasions and can happen even to a new battery. Yea, the little lights will work ( they do not draw much juice ), but the starter motor draws a lot of juice and a shorted battery just ain't got it. Also check the wiring harness connections. One loose connection can cause bunches of trouble.

The side stand kill switch is supposed to kill the engine any time the kickstand is down. This way there is no way you can take out with the stand down > Safety issue. The neutral light could be burned out. fuse burned, bad switch. The switch is located in the center of the front sprocket. There is a 15amp fuse that protects the oil, neutral, meter and tail lights > Is the fuse good?

Go to this site and you can download a free PDF service manual.

http://www.carlsalter.com/motorcycle-manuals.asp There is a service manual with a wiring diagram in the back. The manual is for a 2001 VT600 but only minor differences to the 2002 manual.

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