How do you remove carb from piaggio x9 125 seems to have starting problem running battery flat.

The airbox/air filter assembly holds the carb in place. Once the air cleaner assembly is removed, you can pull the carb out of the rubber seal that connects it to the intake manifold. There are four screws at the bottom of the carb (float bowl) that you will have to remove to get to the jets. Good luck!

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I bought a 1985 GS 550 LF. It had been sitting for a year, so battery was dead tank & carbs were dirty, clutch cable was broke. I fixed the clutch cable, cleaned the gas tank, bought a new battery and cleaned the carbs. Started it up and gas started pouring out the back of the carbs while it was running. It soon stalled out. I figured floats were stuck so tapped carbs a little but no change. I read my service manual and it states that the float level should be .77in to .85 in. I started with the .85 in setting, reassembled the bike, start it up and it still pours out. i lowered the setting 1-2 mm at a time, reassembling the bike after each incriment. It still pours out. I figured the float valves were wore out so i bought new float valve assemblies which included the needle vavle and the valve body. i installed those and reassembled the bike leaving the float level at .77 in Darn thing still pours gas out the back of the carbs. I then noticed 4 screws on the top of the carb on the intake side and they were screwed all the way in so i backed them out 2 turns. i get a better throttle response but gas is still pouring out the back of the carbs. What the heck is going on?Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks in advance allan