Have a 1996 kawasaki 1100 zxi and was wondering how does my crankcase stayed oil up

It is a four stoke engine, so the oil stays there. Only a tiny amount gets used on the bore, because the scraper rings clear excess oil from the cylinders. The only other place is the valves, and they have seals on them. Oil loss is therefore minimal. There should be a dipstick on the filler, or an oil level window. Do you have a manual for it.

From the service manual:

Charging coil resistance, brown - brown: 0.7? - 1.1?

Exciter coil resistance, purple - red: 348? - 523?

Exciter coil resistance, yellow - black: 22? - 32?

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Most of the time you can look up the owners manual on websites as long as you can find the kawasaki website you should be good, i had the same problem with a dirt bitke and i found there website and found the owners manual and downloaded the owners manual and printed it out. Hope i was of some help to you.

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