05 hd softail deuce r turn signal /marker light not working , bulb good no power from under seat back.

the connector that holds the bulb is faulty or an open wire check for wires being exposed by connection. also check the fuse pannel for a blown tailight fuse or brake lights fuse.

Physically remove and check each of the fuses, use of a multimeter can sometimes be misleading. There is one fuse for each headlight and one for several of the relays -- either one might cause the issue.

you need to check to see if it is connected inside the truck there is a plug below the dash near the parking brake

Contact me directly and I'll send you a pin-out diagram and a trouble shooting guide for the turn signals. Contact me at [email protected]. Remind me of what you want and the year model of your bike.


I hve the same issue. I have replaced all the bulbs on the fron and back of the left side of the car and still the left front blinker does not blink.

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