98 4L60E first gear chatter intermitent,stall speed feels higher

If the trans is cool it shifts fine , after a while of driving it feels like the tc is slipping at a higher speed . some times it loses od and drives in 3 with lock up , i put in neutral shut it off and restart it is fine for a while , the chatter used to go away in first when pulled down manually but now it does not matter , had the fluid flushed it felt better then the first gear would feel weak and the rpm woud hit over 2 k , feels like power loss but its not getting to the rear to drive the truck . its intermitent and some days its perfect likei would expect.
i was told selinoids to start but dont know where to start . also some times the gear selector wont go out of park and i have to force it .... i believe i have a selinoid issue and a valve body issue , i have the transgo kit fir these complaints and some i dont have yet , there are no (zero) codes for the trasns , the light is OFF . i dont think its slippage as its not clunking banging or making noises...i duno . i have a spam dumpster to reply to i dont care about, and if theres a subject line about tranies i will look and hope it not about cross dressers..lol
spamdmpstr at gmail dot com .....................
if your smart enought to tell me whats up i believe you can use the above address to let me know whats up or ask more questions about the issue

Ten k latter the slipping is worse and so is the chatter Its no longer intermittent. I have concluded that the band is slipping and thats one of the noises. time to pull it and go through it. you .cant tell me this is the only one out of some quarter million units produced over 98 and 99 with this model trans..
also trans parts usa has the converter for 120 and all there other parts are the best price i have found in months of looking and pricing and the shipping is fair ...

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