My Mercedes c230k manual is hard to select gears and didn't like to go into 3rd gear seems like its being blocked sometimes and didn't like to go into reverse aswell and sometimes I put the car in a gear and let the clutch out the car won't move but u can tell its in a gear cut the car wants to stall its like trying to pull away with the hand brake on when it's not on ??? I thought it could be the gear celector sovi got a new one and still have the same problem ??? Any idears

they didn't line the motor up properly now ur transmission is at to much of an angle and it is making it slip

hi,better to put your car in a car lifter,to determine the noise,if you suspected that your trans. create the noise,remove your trans. oil pan,now you can see,if there is a metal chip or like a fine dust, or quality of oil, mechanical parts are maybe defect,better to consult or evaluate your your dealer,ty

Change or atleast check trans fluid level. Could also be a seizing bearing which means a transmission rebuild is going to need done.

Change the ATF, AT filter and pan gasket.

hi,is your transmission have water before,if it have water, try to check oil cooler in the radiator.

Some times you could get them out of park by pounding on the top of the shifter while moving it out of park at the same time. You need a new shifter assembly. If it won't come out of park, they can drag it onto a flatbed.

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