Just did an engine swap on a 2008 Suzuki grand vitarA and I'm not getting current to the spark plugs everything else has current

Take every sensor,wiring and switch from the old engine and install on the new engine.If the old engine was running before the swap,the new engine should run with the good sensors,wiring and switches.

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1991 DR 350 rat bike - oil is not returning to tank, instead gathering in the crank sump. Someone before us had evidently had the same issue and presumably continued to add oil to the tank in an effort to remedy. This resulted in us getting approx. 4 litres of oil from the sump during our initial draining! We renewed the oil filter and put 1700 mls of fresh oil in, replaced the spark plug and cleaned the carb. When we started the bike for the first time in a long time, (junker for free) it seemed to heat up quicker than I supposed it would. Upon restarting the compression increased dramatically to the point where it was very difficult to kick over. All the oil lines as well as the oil cooler are clear. The bike was obviously ridden hard and put away dirty to say the least. What is the probability of an oil pump failure, and is that an engine in frame operation? Looks like an engine removal to me. Of course I would like to avoid replacing the oil pump so I want to be sure i'm not over looking any thing.