Oil blowing out of exhaust

2006 Suzuki Boulevard c50t 800cc-Bought used last year-has 6000 miles on it now-Changed the oil this year, but not the filter-was blowing oil out of exhaust-was told overfill for oil-so changed oil today and added the right amount-tried to change filter but couldn't find the right tool to do it-Could this be the problem since I'm not sure how old the filter is? Also the bike came with Vance and Hines Longshots. Bike has a Cobra fuel processor that I adjusted a little. Could having too much of an adjustment create too much of a mix that will cause the oil to spurt?The oil does seem to stop spurting after bike has been running-could I be blowing overfilled oil out-also someone said it could be the valve seals but that seems a big problem for a bike that has only 6000 miles on it.

Run it out, The oil has collect in the exhaust media and baffles. Iver fill can cause this proble. As long as it has oil in it, run it out (burn it out) If the oil is low when you ck it, and that should be often, Then note it. Valve guide wear is progressive and the engine would smoke. Keep the oil level proper and take it on a mellow ride, no hard throttling. You should see an improvement after about 20 miles down the freewayat 60. Just stay alertand pay attention to the sound of the motor. Good luck and let me know when you get back.

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