How to install a throttle cable and idle cable

First remove the air filter cover, air filter, and air filter backing plate. Loosen the locknut on each cable adjuster and turn it nwards making it as short as possible and getting as much freeplay in the cables as possible. Remove the two bolts that hold the right handlebar switch housing together. Lift the top half and disconnect the cables from the throttle sleeve. Remove the throttle sleeve from the handlebar. The the brass ferrel off the ends of each cable and then work the cable out ot the lower half of the switch housing. Sometimes this isn't easy, just use some penetrating oil and keep working with it.

At the carb, lift up on the throttle cable housing and slide the cable through the slots on the throttle cable stop. Rotate the cable around and remove the end from the carb actuator knob. Do the same with the idle cable except that it's got a small spring in the throttle cable stop that you'll probably have to use a small pick to lift it out with.

Installation is the reverse of taking them off. Make sure our put grease on the handlebar and inside the throttle sleeve. When you put it all back together, do not slide it too far up on the handlebar. The inside of the sleeve will rub the end of the handlebar and return like it should. Adjust the cable but leave just a bit of freeplay in each one. Make sure the throttle works properly before you ride the bike.

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