I need a diagram for a ford transit VJ transmission (triptronic). Previous owner had the same problems as I'm having and advised he's sure its a broken tooth on one of the cogs in the gearbox. We are


please visit www.2carpros.com ........you will get the your wiring diagram

replaced starter motor 53 plate t350 90 transit van. lots of dust replaced fly wheel and clutch and sensor :speed up to 50 miles per hour and temp gauge goes up and cuts power

'98 ford transit van 2 ltr petrol tacho wire which colour wire is it in dash board if some one knows it will be great. thks phil



get complete guide on whether to repair or not, service it, and how to repair etc, along with wiring diagrams, electrical diagrams, torque specs, error codes, everything.

hey whats up go to any auto parts store and ask them for either the haynes book or chilton book for your vehicle

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