HI I'm looking for a picture of a ford Transit 2005 VJ wiring Harness

'98 ford transit van 2 ltr petrol tacho wire which colour wire is it in dash board if some one knows it will be great. thks phil

they are error signals. cross check with ur manual or ur dealer to find the corresponding error.

Check this wiring diagrams...







Hope this help (remember comment and rated this post). Good luck.

1989 ford transit ,with a york 2.4 diesel engine a real white van man motor ,knocks any american big bore gas guzzling CO2 emmiting junk into shame .right what do want too know

the new seat probaly has diffarent features mabe one has heated the other doesnt i would get a taredown manual and check the wiring diaogram and see what is shown from one seat to the other

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