I own a Nissan Quest 2004 model. It has been doing Hard Start for sometime now{6 months}. Only recently it refused to start. The engine just keep rolling but it wont start. I was advised to change the fuel pump and some sensor which i did. Yet the car refused to start. What may be the problem please? Olabode

may wanna check the distributor could be outta whack (timing).

The oil change wouldn't cause this problem. Just in-case, check the engine oil level.

There are many emission sensors in the car that will make the engine light come ON. Best way to find out what's going on is to have an auto-parts store hook up a engine code reader and tell you what the code means. Most auto-part store will do this for free.

Ther e is a chance your injectors are leakin g down and there is excess fuel in the cylinders. Not a good thing. So, you fuel pressure and injectors need chkg. good luck

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