2005 Toyota Prius all coolant hose routing - Toyota Cars & Trucks

The fuse box on most modern vehicles are serviced only as part of the main wiring harness assembly. My guess is that it will probably cost in excess of $1000 (US) This part can only be purchased at the dealer unless you are lucky enough to find one in a junk yard that has not been cut to pieces.

That happened to me on my 2000 toyota corolla and it was in the linkage adjustment on my emergency brake handle. I tightened up the linkage and then when I would release the handle, the light would go out. Hope that solves your problem.

Hello stj6878: My name is Roger and I can tell you what the code is for.

The trouble code pertains to the Coolant Heat Storage Tank or (CHST).The operation and diagnosis of the code would take more space to send in E Mail then I could send on this web sight. I would suggest you have you mechanic check the problem. You will need the proper tools to clear the code after the repair.

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if youre sure that its the blower motor.......then HANG ON......cuz HERE WE GO!!!! k....open the passenger front door....get on your knees.....and look BELOOOWW the glovebox...there should be a black plastic cover...more than likely...that ya have to remove....after that....you can see your blower motor...should have three screws...maybe one more....and it will be released from the evap box....you then have an electrical pigtail connector you have to release and VIOLA!!!!!! there's your blower motor in your hands......install is opposite of reverse.....yeah I know that your knees hurt right now.....but...HOPE I HELPED!!!!!

check bottle for to see if its full and add then check for if it works or not..may be stuck..

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