1978 dodge rv main fuses under the hood location

I need video 2005 dodge caravan fused radio end clock

the fuse box is located under the driver steering (i have an rhd model in south africa so its right hand side) i dony know of a main fuse. there are three fuses located at the water bottle, but those are for your fan control module.

the fuse box for interior acc. should be located left of steering wheel underneath. or behind access panel left of steering wheel on lower dash

"The tail lights won't work. I checked the fuses and the relay under the dash. I also checked main fuse under the hood."...

I tried everything too and my problem was fuse number 8 under dash was located in the space of fuse numero 9 !!!! ... a " not usted space" according to fuse diagrams, so i put a 10 amps fuse at number 9 space and VOILA !!!

Regulator in alternator obviously faulty, have it bench tested & fixed or replace alternator, and cure your problem.

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