Factory spark plug does the dodge magnum 2.7L V6 Have. The manual calls for RE10PMC5 Champion 3032 Advance Auto calls for 7570 but the 7570 I think is wrong I have a mis they are set a 0.50

hi the front ones are not bad but the back ones you will have to get from under the van.( do them one at a time)

drivers side plugs from front of engine to rear are cylinder numbers 1...3...5...7

passenger side front to rear 2...4...6...8..

fiing order 1..8..4..3..6..5..7..2..

The factory amp is located under the steering column. Here is a pic. Good luck!


the bendix may have gone bad. take the starter off and take it to an auto parts store such as auto zone they can test it.

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