1996 Toyota 4 Runner with a 3RZ-FE engine. What is the proper torque an tightening sequence for the cam shafts?

I have used Haynes service manuals for (hate to admit it) many decades and I recommend you check to see if this one:


doesn't cover your engine.

I have found darned few 'holes' in their coverage.

Auto parts stores carry these and I suspect that even though sealed, the sales people will not give you too hard of a time if you explain you want to insure you are getting what you need.

Haynes is not the same as it was 20 years ago before they were acquired by Chilton but the price/utility ratio is still pretty good.

Mostly I'm annoyed by the move to cheaper paper (newsprint)that is fussier, picks up dirt, tears more easily than the better paper of yore.

step 1 58 ft lbs.

step 2 additional 90 degrees


check on PDFsearch made simple by print. you will get manual on car engines

start in the middle and alternate left to right and the torque on a alloy manifold will be around 14lbs or a nip with a 3/8th drive rachet ,any water passages use contact adhesive around the water ports .

Cylinder Head Bolts

Step 1
Head Bolts A 46 (62)
Head Bolts B 43 (58)

Step 2 Additional 90 Degrees

Tightening Sequence:

The information you need can be found here: https://www.autozone.com/repairguides/Toyota-Pick-ups-Land-Cruiser-and-4-Runner-1997-00/ENGINE-MECHANICAL/Camshaft-and-Bearings/_/P-0900c15280261a29

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