I need to tighten the gear shifter on my 1995 toyota 4-runner

This light is to advise you that it is due for replacement. If its been done earlier the interval may not have been reset. Any dealer or someone with vehicle diagnostics gear should be able to reset it.

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You either have a short some were or a vacum leak you need to, have your truck hooked up to a diagnostic machine to find out what is causing your problem.

Shanna, Re POST year, make, model, is it auto or manual transmission, engine size and complete question so we, here at fixya can answer your question effectively.

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Its more then likely just ware in the shift tower .replace the shift tower its about 100.00 or so .I f the transmission is working good not popping out of gear or grinding when shifting this part dose ware out a lot of leverage on it .

Diagram is unnecessry.

Pull both front wheels

Work one at a time leaving the other for reference

Find the retention spring ... its a paperclip thickness wire spring... dislodge center retention loop and undo from both ends which engage brake pad retention rods.

Pull the rods out

Pull the old pads out... laying everything on the ground

Use scrap wooden wedges to pry between the rotor and the caliper ...inside and out until the calipers are fully withdrawn. Use the new pads to measure if they are far enough back.

Note... the brake fluid will have dropped in the master cylinder over many months of wear... do not fill it. When the calipers are pushed back they will fill the reservoir again... one wheel at a time.

Be sure to identify the correct pad based on what you took out and what is on the other side (if you screwed up the layout)

Make sure to take the old antisqueek backing plate from the old pad and place it on the new pad. They don't use lubricant on these anymore.

Replace the pads... the retention rods... then the retention spring

Do the other side

Then progressively step on the brake peddle until full tension is felt

Check the master cylinder reservoir... probably needs no additional fluid.

New pads will register in existing ridges in each disc in no time at all.

You should check the discs to see if they need to be replaced during this operation...using some calipers

The firing order for your 1995 Toyota 4Runner V-6, is 1-2-3-4-5-6 and the distributor rotation is counterclockwise. I hope this helps you.

There is a heater core bypass pipe that runs from the block (under the manifold) to the bacl of theengine where you will see a flat rectangular "sheet metal" thing with a pipe coming out of it. The a rubber hose connects. You need to pull the top air plenums and intake to get to it. The p[ipe flange bolts to the block with silicone rtv as a sealant.

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