Why is my 1994 ford windstar kicking down a gear or two while I'm driving?

First off if its a a transaxle. it doesnt have bands the clutches are built inside of the casing. second im having the same issue but im on the path its two things right now. a shift soleniod or a VSS(vehicle speed sensor) but my abs light is on and im sure it threw it into limp mode or defult mode. i was getting all gears until i changed my CV axle. i must have damaged it during replacement.

Very common on this make and model trans, pump drive splines inside torque converter strip out and pump is not turning, Most times there is no damage to pump shaft. Remove trans and remove torque converter, inspect the splines at the very bottom of the hub hole. If stripped out inspected pump shaft splines which are the smaller center splines coming out of trans, if ok replace torque converter and re-install trans, change out fluid, clean any metal from magnet and replace filter, fill with fluid and verify proper operation.

check transmission fluid level with engine running and in reverse with handbrake on and chocks under wheels

They get more than warm, but not excessively hot that you can't touch
it. This can be caused by a faulty condenser fan motor, dirty condenser
coil even low freon, which is my guess along with a dirty condenser.
Check these two issues and if it's not the problem your compressor may
be getting ready to die. because of internal issues with the motor
windings. Make sure the fan is running to speed, clean the condenser
and see if the larger copper pipe to the compressor is ice cold and
sweaty, if not you may need freon

check the white connector at the top of the transmission for corrosion. if this is unpluged it wont shift out of 1st... sounds like it may be the issue

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