Where is the fuse for the security system and the fuse for the the daylights

When I crank the jeep and pull the emergency brakes down the day lights are suppose to come on but they don't and also the security system doesn't come on nor does the remote work but the battery in the remote is good I had it checked out

You also have a drl unit which controls a lot of things if you put your headlights on by the switch do they work you also have a relay and a fuse for these items put key on and test light on all the fuses until you find the bad one can also be a bad ground poor connections you said a carstarter as well in the car burnt fuse at the module under dash or ignition switch so little checking and testing will solve problem

quick check, use a test light and test the switch for power then check to see if power goes through when you apply the brakes. the switch is under the dash attached to the brake peddle arm

thier is an easy way to fix this if securety is the prob turn key on run position for 10 m then off then on for 10 min then off then on for ten min try this it will reset alarm may have to do a couple of times

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