White smoke is coming out of the exhaust. my cars is constantly overheating and the coolant is constantly running out but with no leaks. Oil in car comes out cloudy even after oil change

This is serious, the white smoke is steam, which means that water is getting into the conbustion chambers, it sounds like a cylinderhead gasket has gone or a cracked cylinder head. I am afraid an expensive garage job.

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1988 Chevy Truck . . . I think it's a 1500 with a 350 in it, but I'm not sure. I was rolling down the highway last night at 60 mph when the engine quit running. No sputtering, no sluggishness, no backfires, it just stopped running and wouldn't start. Here is what I have learned. I have spark. It fires with starting fluid. You can hear the fuel pump run for 3 seconds or so after turrning the engine over. I located a part which an internet photograph said was a fuel pump relay. I googled the part number, and got multiple references to "Chevy Truck Fuel Pump Relay." So I'm pretty sure it's the fuel pump relay. Here's the funny part. When I unplug the relay, I can still hear the fuel pump run for 3 secs. after turning over the engine. Checked this by putting my ear up to the open gas cap . . . to make sure I wasn';t hearing things. I'm not hearing things. The pump runs . . . or something in there is running even with the relay unplugged. Inspected another part close by on the passenger side firewall. This was identified in photo's as the "fuel pump fuse." Sure enough, a fuse is inside, and visible inspection reveals that it is not blown. [One would expect this, what with hearing the fuel pump running. But you can hear it running with the relay unplugged.] Needless to say, it still won't start, and I clearly need help figuring out exactly why. Can the fuel pump be "bad" even if it still runs? What does the relay do . . . since the pump seems to run without it? What else could the problem be? I've seen references to the oil pressure switch having something to do with it.