The security system

Key fob will not work, also the door ajar light stays on, the auto lights will not turn off, i have replaced the electric key lock on the back door and still the ajar light stays on. is there another fuse other than the one in the fuse box, can you reset the system? the truck sat with a dead battery for almost 3yrs

Have you found any evidence of mice, turds or nests? Mice love dormant vehicles, although they usually move into the heater box. MIce love to eat the insulation off of wires. A bare wire could cause the door ajar to stay on, and may have burned the timer out of your auto lights. Have you checked the battery in the key fob? Sometimes you can just clean the battery and contacts. You have two fuse boxes one inside and one under the hood, the one under the hood also has relays in it and you want to check those out to. You may have one stuck on or inoperative. Look at the wiring harness all over for a poor ground connections. Poor ground can cause power to back feed through other components, making them suspect when the problem is elsewhere. Good luck, CB

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