2001 V70 turbocharger pumping oil out exhaust

Recently had car serviced including a veriable valve solenoid gasket replacement, PCV Box reseal and timing belt replaced (2nd time in less than 6 months)due to oil saturation. Was told by mechanic that crankcase pressure causing seal(s) to fail - on the 1st timing belt replacement had oil leak because of cam sensor seal failure. Less than a week after repairs were done, car suddenly started smoking significantly out of exhaust. Towed to back to the shop and was told that a the turobcharger was taking in oil (metioned something about a bearing) and pumping out exhaust. Is this something that the mechanics should have addressed (visable because of the other work they were doing or checked because of the pressure issues and resulting failures of older parts)? The above made up about half of a $2600 bill and the turbocharger work is going to run no less than $1400.

Most common cause of ticking in these is the oil pick-up seals. Remove the pan and replace the oil pick-up tube seal, the two seals for the tube in the pan and the 2 O-rings on the right side of the pan. And dont use silicone to seal the pan back up, because it WILL leak, I highly recommend the Volvo sealant

Bad oil seals in your turbo ! The turbo has to b replaced thanx Chris

yes,the water pump should have been changed at the same time,BUT,and i keep saying this to all my customers,no garage will do any work that you, the client, dont ask for and if they reccomend it they are trying to rip you off.the original repairperson is not at fault in any way,as you cant see inside the pump to decide when its going to fail.....not what you wanted to hear ,but true.

best advice.is find a good mech and follow him/her around,that way it becomes personal.

The best way to attack this is to have your oil pressure checked. That would rule out a pump problem or the sender issue. If you want the least expensive fix is to just replace the oil pressure sender yourself and then see if the problem goes away. You can also add a thicker oil when you change the oil to see if that solves the problem. A 10W30 oil is thinner than a 10W50. If this helps then the engine or pump may be worn or failing. I hope the cheap fix helps!!

most prob both, get a new gasket for it and replace that should solve the problem, if not check around the part thats leaking and make sure there is no hair line cracks, but sounds like a bad job did, or it may just need to be tightend up

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