Security system 2001 holden astra

I have replaced the radio in 2001 Astra. I have lost my remote central locking. I would like to know in what way the radio has to do with the central locking and security system.

Hi, I have the same problem. The central remote locking is controlled by the soriginal stereo. Thats why it has an extra section of wires than other stereos. I cut this section off and connect it back to the original stereo and the remote lock works again. but as long as you connect the rest of the wires to the new stereo, the lock lost again. Now is like nly music or the lock. I have not find a way to let both of them work. Please let me know if you do.

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You may just need a maintenance check, like an oil change. Try it and observe how it goes. Try to remove the positive battery connector too, let it sit for atleast 5mins. then reconnect it. This can reset the car's computer and get rid of the check engine light.

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check all fuses first . replace anther pasted . open and close doors manually then try .

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