Oil dripping from exhaust manifold

Good day to you all; i have a 1997 Galant with a 2L 24V V6engine. i noticed that there was oil on the garage floor so i checked it out, i soon found out that it was coming out from the bolt (or nuts) that holds the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head. the valve-cover gasket is fine and there was no leak from there. there seem to be no change in the engine's performance and there's no smoke coming out and no oil in the tailpipe's end. i this serious? how can i stop the oil from leaking? HELP?!

Either the cylinder head is cracked or, Is it possible that a stud had once been broken off in the hole(s) and when they were drilled out the drill went a bit to deep and punctured the cylinder head? That is about the only reason their would be oil coming out of the manifold stud holes as the holes are not connected internally to anything.

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