Changed oil in 05 vw jetta and exhaust light came on.

I bought a 2005 1/2 VW Jetta about 6 months ago and have always had someone else change the oil. However, I decided that this time I would do it myself as I have always done in the past with other cars. I found out that it take 6.3 quarts and I put in exactly 6.0 quarts and a new filter insert. After I started my car i noticed that the exhaust light came on and hasn't gone off yet. The manual says that it can happen when the oil is overfilled but its not. 1) did do something wrong? 2) Is it normal after an oil change? 3) hoe do I get it off?


Hi Dohn. The save levelto fill you oil is 3/4 from empty on your dip stick. This gives the engine space to breath. What has most likely happened here is, the engine has had too much oil and is trying to find a way out which will end up on your drive or through yor exhaust.

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