Security light flash no security system on truck

I have a 2002 Ram pickup. got in today went to start truck, started to turn over and shut off.. this red light started flashing. checked the owners manual it is the security light for the alarm . my truck doesn't have an alarm. everything is dead, except for interior lights, but the headlights blink with the key in the ignition and in the start position. disconnected battery let sit 30 min reconnected try too start and the same thing happened but now with the key in the on position alot of the instrument panel lights flash and shut off?


You turn your key on for 30 minutes to reset the alarm.

Sometimes turning the ignition on 3 times quickly without starting will reset the computer. If the van has power locks and keyless entry then try using only the keyless entry. Sometimes your car wont have a alarm but an anti theft device which will not allow it to start if it goes off or something triggers it.

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